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Almond flakes, 500g

Product Description

Flaked almonds are an ideal solution for snacks between meals on busy days.

Getting to know flaked almonds

Due to the multiple benefits they bring, almonds enjoy real appreciation, especially from people bent on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The salt content of almonds is very low, which means that they can be consumed daily without any problem.

Most of the fats in almonds are polyunsaturated that help maintain good cholesterol levels in our body. Diets rich in almonds help increase "good" HDL cholesterol and produce similar effects to a heart-healthy diet, such as reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease. In addition, eating a portion of almonds per day can help stabilize blood sugar, which after a meal, increases by up to 30% in the case of diabetics.

Almonds also offer you a varied range of vitamins, among which we mention vitamins B and E, important antioxidants in maintaining immunity and protecting cells from the harmful effects caused by pollution and tobacco consumption.

Flaked almonds in the kitchen

Flaked almonds have a versatile utility in gastronomy, being an excellent ingredient for cakes, muffins, bread, biscuits, chocolate or ice cream. They are used, most often, to decorate cakes and pastries.

In combination with dried fruits or other types of nuts and seeds of all kinds - flaked almonds can be an excellent idea for preparing a hearty, delicious and healthy breakfast based on cereals or pseudocereals. Also for breakfast you can opt for a smoothie in which you add flaked almonds, chia seeds, pistachios or ground nuts.

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Foarte mulțumit!

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