Purchase and Delivery of products – Nati Shop
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  • Monday - Friday, 9AM - 3.30PM EEST
The products are delivered only through fast courier companies. Delivery days are from Monday to Friday, in some situations also Saturday (but this is strictly at the discretion of the courier company). Not delivered on Sunday!

We do not accept orders received by e-mail or WhatsApp, but only on the online store.

Orders delivered on the territory of Romania

Normally, the products are prepared on the same working day or maximum on the next working day. This means an interval of 0 - 1 working days for receiving, confirming and preparing the order. Normally we do not contact customers to confirm orders but, in some situations, we can and will certainly do so.

From the moment the products leave our warehouse, they should reach you in 1 - 3 working days. There are certain more isolated localities where delivery is made only once a week, but those situations are exceptions.

Therefore, the entire process of placing the order, its preparation and delivery should take from one to three or four working days. However, please keep in mind that during busy periods this interval can increase substantially. Please contact us for more urgent situations and we will help you where we can.

International orders

The preparation of the products and the packaging of the parcel are done, in the same way, within a range of 0 to 1 working day. But the delivery will take about 7 (seven) calendar days. So, about a week. This interval is not fixed, sometimes it is delivered faster, sometimes later, but this is the average delivery time in Europe.

Online payments are completed and processed through the Stripe online payment processor. It is practically the largest online payment processor worldwide and the degree of security is at the highest level, the chances of running out of money and/or without products are effectively zero. Any trader who accepts online payments must provide clear proof of the shipment of the products to the final customer, in case he wishes to dispute the transaction made in the store, a process that takes place under the careful supervision of the online payment processor.

Once the order has been processed in our warehouse, you will receive a dispatch message containing the dispatch number (AWB). This message will be sent either to the e-mail address (if you completed the order with the e-mail address as the contact method) or to the phone number, in the form of an SMS with a link to the order and/or delivery, in case that, when completing the order, you did not enter the e-mail address but only the telephone number. Usually the SMS notification comes from a short number, like 1784 or 1785 or something similar. Please notify us if you receive notifications from "normal" phone numbers or report anything, even a little strange, in an SMS that claims to be from us.

Orders are honored in the order of their arrival, regardless of the value or number of products.

Delivery costs:

- delivery fee, on the territory of Romania: 9.99 lei, if you pay with a bank card or 19.99 lei if you want to pay upon receiving the package, by courier (refund).

- international orders have delivery prices starting from 10 EUR (it will be displayed at the end of the purchase process, depending on the country).