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Cif professional - strong degreaser 750 ml

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CIF professional - strong degreaser 750 ml

Cleans very strong deposits of grease and dirt, suitable for use on kitchen surfaces: cooking machines, hoods, filters, walls, floors, drain filters, doors, etc. It leaves behind a pleasant and delicate fragrance, being safe to use on aluminum surfaces.

Quickly dissolves grease and dirt.
This powerful degreaser is safe to use on aluminum.
This powerful degreaser is suitable for most kitchen surfaces such as kitchen utensils, pots, pans, cookers, hoods, filters, floors, walls, doors and drains.

Way of ussage
-With the help of a sprayer or using a bucket with a cloth, a mop or a sponge.
-Rinse and wait for it to dry or use a mop or a dry cloth for wiping.

The technical sheet can be consulted here

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