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Cif Professional - for oven and stove, 750 ml

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Cif Pro Formula Detergent For Oven & Stove is a non-caustic preparation for the daily cleaning of persistent fats from the food industry.

Cif Pro Formula Oven & Stove Detergent is an alkaline detergent suitable for daily cleaning of greasy surfaces such as ovens and grills. This mixture of alkalis, surfactants and solvents has a very effective removal of burnt fat if used daily. Diluting the product with water is suitable for cleaning and softening burns.

  • Safe to handle as the product is non-corrosive and the foam sprayer reduces splashing
  • Good on ovens and grills and if diluted to clean fryers
  • Strong action even on very dirty surfaces used daily

Instructions for use
-Make sure that the surface temperature is lower than 80°C (optimal 60-80°C).
-Spray the concentrated product directly on the surface or equipment.
- Leave for 10-30 minutes depending on the level of dirt.
-Remove deposits with a sponge or brush.
-Rinse well with hot water, clean and let dry.

PH: concentrated 12.9

The safety data sheet can be consulted here

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