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Cloramina Suma Tab D4, 300 tablete - Nati Shop
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Chloramine Suma Tab D4, 300 tablets

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Sum Tab D4 tab is a disinfectant based on chloramine in the form of concentrated tablets , designed for the disinfection of all surfaces, including with food contact , being also suitable for disinfection of vegetables .

The product is easily soluble in water , able to generate active chlorine , very effective as a disinfectant against a wide range of micro-organisms, in all conditions of water hardness.

A tablet dissolved in 10 liters of water releases 150 ppm of active chlorine.

+ Effective against a wide spectrum of micro-organisms helping to improve hygiene security.
+ Effective at low temperatures and short contact time.
+ Safe to use on all surfaces, including aluminum ones.
+ Effective disinfection of vegetables by rinsing.

Packaging : box of 300 tablets x 2.7 g.

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