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  • 1.1 General conditions:
    According to the legislation in force (OG 34/2014 supplemented by Law 51/2003 on the legal regime of distance contracts - art 12, point a) and Directive 97/7/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20.05.1997 regarding the protection consumers regarding distance contracts - art 3, point (2), first paragraph) contracts for the supply of food products, drinks or other consumer goods supplied at the consumer's home, at his residence or at his place of work through established distributors they cannot be denounced unilaterally. Once the products have been received, they CANNOT be returned.
    Also, in accordance with GEO34/2014 with subsequent amendments and additions, for non-food products the consumer benefits from a return request period of 14 calendar days valid from the date he took possession of the product ordered online and delivered via a courier agreed by the supplier.
    The consumer has the obligation to personally receive the package with the ordered products, and in case the package is damaged, to ask the courier on the spot to draw up a damaged package report. The damaged package will NOT be opened for product inspection. In this case, the consumer can, without opening the package, refuse to receive it. We do not accept subsequent complaints or the return of products for which, upon receipt of the parcel with visible traces of external damage, a report of "damaged parcel" was not drawn up, an option offered by the courier.
    The provisions of GEO 34/2014 apply only to the consumer defined as any natural person or group of natural persons constituted in associations as defined in art. 2 point 2 OG 21/1992 on consumer protection, republished, with subsequent amendments and additions.
    In accordance with GEO34/2014, the Consumer who wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal and return must consider the following aspects:
    • The returned product must be in the same condition in which it was delivered (in the original packaging with all accessories, with the labels intact and the documents that accompanied it).
    • The return costs will be fully borne by the consumer, and the reimbursement of the product value will be made within 14 calendar days at the latest from the receipt of the product that was the subject of the sale.
    The products sent via the courier must be returned OBLIGATORY with the option of "Open parcel on delivery" to allow the supplier to check the content and physical appearance of the returned product. If the returned products do not benefit from this option, Naty Shop reserves the right to refuse their reception .
    The shipment of the improperly packaged product, which leads to its damage during transport, is entirely the responsibility of the sender, in this case the consumer.
    The supplier checks the physical and functional appearance of the returned products within 14 days from the date of purchase and will inform the consumer about their condition.
    1.2. Return request:

    We recommend that you send us a message to the address containing identification data such as the order number and/or the date of its placement, express courier tracking number, your first and last name and/or the delivery or billing address. Any of these data can help us to identify the order as quickly as possible and the return procedure can be carried out much faster.

    You must specify the products you want to return and the reason why you want to return these products.


    Personalized products cannot be returned: waffles, icing sheets, chocolate transfer sheets. All these products are made to order, even those that are presented with a picture on the store. We can only exchange the products with new ones if a fault in the delivery process is demonstrated (parcel arrived damaged, products damaged or completely destroyed).

    Please send us the data for the return of the money: IBAN, beneficiary, beneficiary's bank. You can also opt to use the money for subsequent orders, and in this case please specify this!

    The consumer will be notified by the courier who will come to pick up the products and return them to our warehouse. Return costs will be borne by us.
    The main condition, in order to be eligible for a return, is that it takes place within 14 calendar days from the receipt of the package by you. So: a maximum of 2 weeks after you received the package, not from when we shipped it or when your relative or neighbor brought it to you (there are cases where the packages are picked up by third parties because the recipient is not at home).

  • Also, if you want more details, you can contact us at +40 330 13 14 01

  • 1.3. The conditions regarding the condition of the product for which the return is requested:
    • to be with the specific identification labels and intact packaging.
    • be accompanied by all the accessories it was delivered with, including the user manual and warranty certificate, if applicable.
    • not to show physical or functional damage.
    • not to present missing elements or subassemblies.
    • to have no traces of use or installation (food scraps, dust, stains, scratches, cut pipes, modifications, etc.).
    If the returned product was accompanied by promotional materials or gifts, these will also be returned in the same physical, functional and packaging conditions as they were received.
    If the returned product does not meet the mentioned return conditions, the supplier reserves the right (in accordance with GEO 134/2014) to withhold from the value of the product the sums necessary for its reconditioning in order to bring it to the initial state when it was received by the Consumer.
    1.4. Situations in which products purchased online cannot be returned:
    Products in one or more of the following situations cannot be returned:

    • Food and similar products, due to the risk of damage.
    • Products ordered online but which were picked up directly from the warehouse.
    • Products purchased by legal entities.
    • Products brought on "special order" ( SPECIAL ORDER is defined as the list of products ordered by the Consumer and which are not in the usual stock of the Supplier but which can be delivered on the basis of a firm order and the payment of an advance, in the terms agreed by the parties).
    • Products with damaged or missing product or packaging identification labels.
    • Products that show traces of use or installation (food scraps, dust, stains, scratches, cut pipes, modifications, etc.).
    1.5. General conditions regarding the return of money to the Consumer:
    The refund is made only if the product has been paid for by the Consumer and returned to the Supplier in the terms specified by law (OG34/2014 with all subsequent additions).
    The money can be returned by bank transfer to the account.
    For products returned within the first 14 calendar days of purchase, the refund period is 14 calendar days from the date the Supplier received the returned product.
    Last update: 25.11.2022