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Colorant Alimentar Pudra ( Liposolubil ) 20 grame, Albastru Navy - Nati Shop
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Powder Food Coloring (Lip-soluble) 20 grams, Navy Blue

Product Description


  • Fat-soluble powder coloring ideal for coloring products with a high fat content: chocolate, butter cream, cocoa butter, marzipan, dough with a high fat content
  • It is a very concentrated dye - it is dosed in very small quantities to obtain intense colors
  • Strong enough to be used to color food with darker shades
  • Does not contain gluten
  • Does not contain sugar
  • Does not contain nuts
  • Packaging - bottle with lid
  • Weight- 20 grams
  • Storage - dry, dark spaces with temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius


    • Before use, the bottle must be shaken very well - this way the pigment will be very well distributed throughout the entire amount of powder
    • It is perfect for decorating cakes, buttercreams, meringue, chocolate, cookie dough, frosting, ganache frosting, hard candies, fondant, doughnuts, cookies, slime for children.
    • Specially designed for use in fat-based products
    • Lipo-soluble powder dyes are soluble in alcohol or fatty substances
    • It is not recommended to add to water or other water-based products
    • Dyes of several colors can be combined to create new shades
    • With its help, pure, intense and vibrant colors are obtained
    • They are tasteless and do not change the texture of food
    • It combines perfectly with different types of food, with different types of textures. Works well with baked goods and frosting made from a variety of ingredients
    • It always forms a homogeneous mixture with whatever you use it on
    • It can be added in powder form when we want to color the chocolate. Add directly over the melted chocolate
    • To color other products, it must first be dissolved in alcohol or fatty liquid substances (melted butter, oil)
    • It is used for painting the surface of sweets with a brush, but only diluted in alcohol
    • Diluted with alcohol it is suitable for use with an airbrush

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